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Maui Golf Vacation Packages at the Royal Lahaina Resort

There are people who love to try really hard. They're the ones you see running, diving, BASE jumping, parasailing and going off bridges with bungee cords around their ankles. If no existing sport is hardcore enough, they'll invent one, like the daredevils who got the idea to sail a balloon to a hundred thousand feet and skydive from the edge of the stratosphere.

For those of us who like to take things at a more measured pace, there's golf. While the game has rather patrician origins in our country - it's the classic sport of the private-jet executive - it has become a much more democratic pastime in recent decades, a great mediator of relaxed weekends and leisurely social afternoons. Golf is where sports meet Zen, and at Royal Lahaina Resort, it's also where exotic Maui travel meets the down-to-earth pleasures of a well-kept golf course.

Among the great all inclusive Hawaii vacation packages that we offer, we have special deals for golf lovers. Our Royal-Tee package not only books you for a stay in an ocean view hotel room, but also makes a reservation for several rounds of golf on Maui's finest greens, the Royal Kaanapali or Kaanapali Kai championship golf courses.

Golf Under The Spotless Hawaii Sky

If you have golf enthusiasts among your spouse or children, they can join in the family pastime with our Maui family vacation packages and enjoy the Maui golfing experience as well. No matter what your interests are, you will find something fun and memorable to do at Royal Lahaina Resort!

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