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  • Hawaiian Crafts at Royal Lahaina

    Hawaiian Cultural Center

Discover Aloha

E Komo Mai

Welcome to the Hawaiian Cultural Center at The Royal Lahaina Resort & Bungalows. Come immerse yourself in daily activities and deepen your understanding and appreciation of Hawaiian customs, arts, and history. From hula dancing and lei-making workshops to traditional Hawaiian music performances and storytelling sessions, the center provides an expansive array of interactive experiences that allow you to connect with the various cultural aspects of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Activities

  • Coconut Education

    Coconut Education

    Coconut education offers a fascinating exploration of the versatile and culturally significant coconut tree. Discover the various traditional uses of coconuts, including food, shelter, and craft materials, while gaining insights into the historical and ecological importance of this iconic Hawaiian plant.

  • Basic Hula Lessons

    Basic Hula Lessons

    Basic hula lessons offer an introduction to the graceful art form of hula, combining movement, storytelling, and cultural expression. Participants will learn fundamental hula steps, hand gestures, and the significance of various movements, guided by experienced instructors who embody the essence of Hawaiian dance.

  • Ti Leaf Lei Making

    Ti Leaf Lei Making

    Ti leaf lei making offers a hands-on experience where participants will learn the art of creating beautiful and symbolic leis. Guests will be guided through the process of selecting, preparing, and braiding ti leaves, resulting in lei creations that hold cultural significance and can be worn for special occasions or gifted as a gesture of aloha.

  • Luahala Bookmark Weaving

    Learn the intricate art of weaving pandanus leaves. Participants will be guided through the process of preparing, dyeing, and weaving, resulting in a beautiful and functional bracelet creation. Connect with the traditional Hawaiian craft and gain a deeper appreciation for the skill, patience, and cultural significance of Luahala weaving.

  • Ukulele Lessons

    Ukulele lessons offer an engaging and hands-on opportunity for participants to learn how to play this iconic Hawaiian instrument. Students will be guided through the basics of ukulele playing, including chord formations, strumming techniques, and traditional Hawaiian melodies, fostering a connection to the music and culture of the islands.

  • Hawaiian Makahiki Games

    Hawaiian Makahiki games provide a fun and interactive way to experience the ancient sporting traditions of Hawaii. Participants can engage in various friendly competitions, such as ‘ulu maika (disc rolling), hukihuki (tug-of-war), and moa pahe’e (dart sliding), while learning about the historical significance and communal spirit behind these traditional games.

  • The Voyage of Hokulea

    Voyage of Hokulea

    The Voyage of Hokulea video takes viewers on an awe-inspiring journey, chronicling the remarkable story of the traditional Polynesian voyaging canoe. Showcasing the navigational skills of the crew, and highlighting their commitment to preserving ancient Polynesian seafaring knowledge and promoting sustainability and cultural exchange.

  • Ōlelo Hawaii Class

    Basic Hawaiian language classes provide a foundational introduction to the beautiful language of Hawaii. Participants will learn essential vocabulary, pronunciation, and basic conversational phrases, guided by skilled instructors who are passionate about preserving and sharing the Hawaiian language with others.

Aerial View of Royal Lahaina Resort & Bungalows
Royal Lahaina Resort & Bungalows

A Sense of Place

Lahaina’s history is rich in the ancient traditions and settlement of the Hawaiian people. Located on the island of Maui, Lahaina began as a thriving coastal village inhabited by Polynesians. Fertile and abundant in natural resources, the land supported the development of a self-sufficient agricultural society sustained on taro cultivation, fishing, and gathering of other local staples.

Visit the Hawaiian Cultural Center today, and learn more about this island’s diverse lineage.